Adirondack News Spring 15'

AO Staff

It’s Official:  Inlet Sets Guinness Record!

Earlier this winter the One Square Mile of Hope Committee and the Town of Inlet received word that Guinness had verified the event of September 13, 2014 as a new world record!  On that day the One Square Mile of Hope Committee organized the world’s largest floating raft of canoes and kayaks on Fourth Lake at the Town of Inlet.

The raft of canoes and kayaks that day at Inlet was measured at 3,150, surpassing the world record by over 1,000 boats. It was a monumental effort organizing and publicizing such an event but it was for a great cause.  They raised over $100,000 that they have donated to breast cancer research. 

Cold, rainy, and windy weather kept some people from participating but over 4,000 people who registered and participated that cold, rainy felt that the experience and the great cause were worth it. They still have posters of the event and T shirts available for sale and it is estimated that they will be able to donate several more thousand dollars very soon. See the web site for more information.

Congratulations to Committee Chairs Connie Perry, Carolyn Belknap, and others like Adele Burnett, Marge O’Hara, and Mitch Lee for their efforts. It was another great effort earning Inlet the nickname of “the little town that could.”

Paddler Wins Appeal of Case

A court ruling issued in January 2015 ruled in favor of paddlers who hope to have wide access to rivers and streams in the Adirondacks. A state appellate court ruled 3-to-2 in favor of a paddler who used a portage across private land to reach Shingle Shanty Brook near Long Lake.

In 2009, the editor of the Adirondack Explorer magazine, Phil Brown, paddled a stretch of water through the Adirondacks that had been posted by the landowners.  After he wrote a story about it, Brown was sued by the Brandreth Park Association and Friends of Thayer Lake. Brown won a legal victory in 2013 on the ruling that it was a navigable stream., but the Brandreth Park Association and the Friends of Thayer Lake appealed. The decision in January means Brown won again.

But this latest ruling opens the door to one more appeal by the landowners who say they’re fighting to protect their property rights. Because two judges dissented, they have an automatic right to appeal. The judges who dissented just thought the stream was too remote to be of much practical utility to the public.  It is unclear whether the landowners will seek another round in court. However the question of what is navigable, reasonable portage, and the ethical issue of abuse of property by those passing though continue to be important issues.

Black Fly Challenge Celebrates 20 years
As An Iconic Adirondack Bike Race

The Black Fly Challenge takes place every year on the second Saturday of June.  The 2015 race will be on Saturday, June 13. The towns of Inlet and Indian Lake take turns hosting the start and finish.  This year, the race will begin at Byron Park in Indian Lake and end in Inlet’s Fern Park where a huge 20 year celebration will take place.

As usual, the course is approximately 40 miles, most of which is through the Moose River Recreation Area, a series of dirt roads with rocks and a variety of uphill climbs.  It attracts both serious racers and recreational riders on cyclocross and mountain bikes. It also attracts some serious adventurists, riding unicyles and 3-seat bikes.  With any luck, the momentous 20th race will see a fine, sunny day; however, with some rainy weather, the racers will also have to deal with the inevitable mud.

At its inception in 1996, the race saw a field of about 60 mountain bikers participate.  Last year, on the 19th anniversary, over 700 racers took part.  How many hardy souls will journey to the Adirondacks to earn bragging rights for their efforts?  The posted purse is $8,595 and there will be special BFC Anniversary prizes bringing the total purse to almost $10,000!  Online registration is now open!