North Country Deer hunting Report 10/14


Last week we wrote about Kindred Spirits being in good shape food wise. Little did we know the wind would blow all week and it would literally rain acorns for 4 straight days. Our regular readers know we have a love-hate relationship with acorns. We love them because deer feast on them whenever they can and that means fat deer with plenty of body fat heading into winter. Last year they needed all the fat they could get. We hate them because our property is set up with lots of food plots, crops, fruit trees, etc. located in all the best hunting locations that we have created over the years. Acorns spread the deer all over the place including some spots that are almost impossible to hunt. Worse yet, they spread them all over thousands of surrounding acres.

Craig hunted tonight and crushed a few thousand acorns walking 200 yds. to his stand. A flock of turkeys followed enjoying the morsels. Neil hunted a few days ago and they fell like rain. We saw some deer but nothing we were interested in. Our camera pics on food plots are down 75% this week. Last week they were all over the soft mast (apples, pears etc.). So far the fawn count is a little light but we need more time in the woods to get an accurate read on how many does to take. Anyone reading October's Bowhunting Magazine should read Curt Well's "Let Her Walk" editorial. We've been preaching that for years and it is all about making decisions for yourself not assuming the state knows best. Few, if any of you, reported increases in winter kill or excessive die off. So for most of us, it's all about fawn recruitment. Count those fawns before hanging up those does.

The deer we observed were all about feeding. That's what you have been telling us as well. This time of year it's all about food and that's what you need to be hunting. If you've planted food plots and you're surrounded by non-acorn producing woodlands you're in luck. Deer were still pretty much in their summer feeding patterns last week. Just ask Laura Ashe who arrowed a 160" class buck last week who was still hanging with his bros. Jason and Laura had him on film since the cameras went out late summer and he was still up to his predictable ways when she connected. But that pattern is changing as you read this. The bachelor groups are breaking up and bucks are still on the feed but their patterns are beginning to shift. Soon, they will start to respond to the need to breed more than the need to feed.

This weekend hunt the food. If you have an acorn producing oak here and there, that's a good bet. If you have a million of them like we do, play the wind and good luck! More than likely the warmer temps will keep them bedded and they will get up and feed for 30 yds. then lie down again. If you are like Laura and Jason and have them patterned it may be the last weekend before the good bucks figure out its hunting season and get scarce. We are still only hunting p.m. sits to keep the pressure to a minimum but morning sits can very productive for deer on the acorns.

Thanks to all of you who have joined the National Deer Alliance Craig is heading up. Go to their new site and check out the "Answer the Call" video, it's really cool and send your hunting buddies a link so they can check it out too. This is the biggest thing that has happened to deer hunting in decades. See CJ Winand's article in Bowhunter he has it right (especially the caption where he quoted Fred Bear but we're a little bit biased).

And thanks to all of you who weighed in with reports last week. They really help and we read each and every one of them. Be sure to forward this report to your hunting buddies or better yet have them join our list and get it direct.

Hope you're taking a kid hunting this weekend. It's the most important hunt of the year. Neil will probably hunt squirrels with little Regina if they get a good weather day; she wants' a squirrel to eat. And that will be his best day of the season! Shoot straight and hunt safe.


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